Georgia at peak of fourth wave of Covid-19

In Georgia, it is not planned to tighten the restrictions, despite the sharp increase in the number of coronavirus infected in the country, said Journalists of the Deputy Minister of Health Tamar of the Gabunia, whose words, this peak of the fourth wave, which will last ten days.

“While the tightening of those rules that have already been introduced and operate are not planned. The main thing is to fulfill what already acts. No matter how much sanctions have introduced, if citizens themselves do not realize the need to wear masks, these sanctions will only be a formality”, – said Gabunia, reports Sputnik Georgia.

Gabunia noted that the health care system is still coping with the situation. “While the health sector has a resource to manage enlarged cases, both at home and in the hospital,” she said.

In turn, the head of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health Amiran Gamkrelidze stated that if the growth rate of infection cases will continue, strict restrictions not avoid.

Georgia is experiencing a fourth coronavirus wave. Over the past day, 4,827 new infections were revealed in the country. Since the beginning of a pandemic in Georgia, more than 428 thousand cases of infection were recorded, more than 388 thousand patients were recovered, 5 910 died.