Georgia celebrates Independence Day

Georgia on Wednesday celebrates its main public holiday – Independence Day.

May 26, 1918 at 17:10 Tbilisi time, the Democratic Government of Georgia, led by Noe Zhordia, proclaimed the country’s independence from the Russian Empire, in which the Georgian kingdom was part of the 19th century.

The first democratic republic did not last long – only two and a half years, after which it was advisable.

Against the backdrop of the collapse of the Soviet Union on April 9, 1991, Georgia again proclaimed its independence on the basis of the Declaration of Independence of May 26, 1918.

From 1991, Georgia celebrates on May 26 as an independence day.

This year the slogan is “with love for freedom!” The city center is red -white, in the colors of the national flag of Georgia.

Large -scale holiday events will be held in all regions of Georgia.

This year, only the symbolism of the national flag of Georgia was used to decorate the city, unlike last year, when the element of jewelry was also the European Union flag. The authorities explained this by the annual change in the main slogan of the holiday. But the opposition accuses the government of trying to change the European course and announced the processions under the day under the flags of the EU and Georgia on Rustaveli Avenue.

The Tbilisi Center will traditionally turn into a large exhibition space. Rustaveli Avenue on this day is available only for pedestrians.

Over the city center, military aircraft will be built in the form of a flag of Georgia. The day will end with a solemn gala concert on the Square of the Republic and a festive salute.