Georgia: female marches will be held against law on foreign agents

Female marches against the law on foreign agents will be held on Saturday, April 20 in different cities of Georgia, reports Newsgeorgia.

In Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Gori, Marneuli, Akhmet, Bolnisi, Batumi, Ozurgeti and Tsnori women will begin to gather at 17.00 to demand the recall of the disputed bill, follows from the message.

“by Russian law, you will not force 53% of voters who are women! Our voice is the voice of all women: emigrants and single mothers living in different regions of Georgia of ethnic and religious minorities, mothers of children with disabilities and disabilities themselves with disabilities themselves , elderly, young, victims of violence, beige, widows living in the conflict zone, the voice of all those women who fulfilled an important national mission at all stages of the history of our country, ”the organizers said.

The law on foreign agents is considered in one context with a recent decision on the abolition of gender quotas, the agency notes.

participants in the action that, due to these initiatives in parliament, there will be no defenders of the interests of women, and independent media that illuminated their problems will cease to exist.

“Russian law and the abolition of gender quotas are pursuing a common goal – the retention of power … We urge the parliament to listen to the voice of women,” the statement said.

the law “On the transparency of foreign influence” the Georgian parliament adopted on April 17 in the first reading. Last year, the ruling “Georgian Dream” recalled a similar initiative against the backdrop of criticism of Western partners and thousands of protests in Tbilisi. On March 8, 2023, a female march was also held against the law on foreign agents.