German President Steinmeier visited Gaziantep

Germany President Frank-Walter Steinmeier made a visit to the Nurdag region of the city of Gaziantep, who suffered from earthquakes on February 6, 2023 with a center in Kazakhmanmarash.

Steinmeier visited the Center for temporary accommodation in this area and visited the Karaburga family in the container where it is temporarily living.

After the visit, which was held in the press closed for the press, Shadiye Karaburnch reported that she was glad to see President Steinmeier.

Khamza Karaburnch, in turn, said: “They came here, we are grateful to them. We talked with the president about the services provided by our state. We handed them to them that we were satisfied with the attention that the state showed to us, and explained that the houses were completed , and the change continues “.

Then Steinmeier went to the Square of one Heart, visited a photo exhibition dedicated to the earthquake, and met with families receiving psychological assistance.

After the visit program, Steinmeier left Gaziantep.