German resident reconnaissance hid at Armenian cemetery

Among Russia’s external exploration service of historical materials – a fragment of the translated into Russian from the English diary of Franz Mayer (Real Name – Richard Augustus) is the main representative of German political intelligence in Tehran during the war.

Meyer had the most direct attitude to the creation in Tehran and other cities of Iranian Prormal Nationalist Parties and Groups.

The main among them became the “Blue Party” and “Iranian Nationalists” (“Hezb-E-Cote” and “Mellin-E-Iran”). The name of Mayer Among other Hitlerians involved in subversive work in Iran was openly named in the Soviet note by the Iranian side on August 25, 1941, after which the Red Army entered Iran.

It is curious that after entering Iran the Allied Troops in September 1941, Mayer remained without connection with Berlin. For three months, he was hiding in the Armenian cemetery in Tehran under the guise of a graveman, and then with the help of protashist elements managed to find shelter in the city and turned the active work in the underground.