Germany: attacks on Jewish objects: they are suspected

The German intelligence services are sure that behind the last attacks on the synagogues in Germany is the Iranian Corps of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution. Israeli media inform about this.

Among such incidents are shooting at the rabbi’s house at the synagogue in the city of Essen, attempts to arson synagogue in Bochum and Dortmund, espionage behind the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Joseph Schuster.

According to the German television journal Kontraste, a citizen of Iran, a certain Ramin and.

stands behind these incidents.

On November 18, a 35-year-old suspect, Iranian with a German passport, was arrested. The witness showed that the detainee tried to persuade him to set fire to the synagogue in Dortmund that night when such an attempt was made against the synagogue in Bochum. During interrogation, he said that he was recruited by Ramin I., who left Germany in 2021.