Germany enhances borders due to flow of migrants from Belarus

German Interior Minister Horst Zehofer said that the country is ready to increase the number of federal police officers on the border with Poland to combat illegal migration from Belarus, reports Bild Am Sonntag.

He noted that already 800 police officers are stationed on the border and “if necessary, they may be more.

Zeechover also said that Germany can introduce border control if the situation with illegal migration does not improve.

Media reports that the number of migrants trying to penetrate the territory of the European Union through Belarus significantly increased in recent months.

In turn, the border of Germany with Poland became a “hot point” of illegal migration on the “Belarusian route”. In the first 20 days of October, according to the German police, 1922 of the transition of migrants were registered, most of which are out of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Iran.

Earlier, the Minister of the Interior of Germany proposed a joint German-Polish border patroling, but Warsaw still did not attend obligations.