Global economy lost $ 9 trillion due to hackers

Damage to the global economy from hacker attacks in 2021 amounted to $ 9 trillion, which undermines investment activities, said the special representative of the President of Russia on international cooperation in the field of information security, director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrei Krutsky, reports RIA Novosti.

“bankers note that pure hacker losses are calculated billions of dollars … UN statistics say that this year the damage caused by the global economy only from purely household cyber operators – 9 trillion dollars. And it will double. In this situation, no about What normal investment activity is simply very difficult to think, and then the total stagnation comes, “said Krutsky.

According to him, if someone exhibits aggression in cyberspace, prove the fact of attacks and, accordingly, respond is very difficult for the specifics of cybervarov. As an example, Krutsky called Kiberatka at nuclear power plants in Natanz, which cost Iran billion losses.