Golden Belt “: Azerbaijani boxers confidently defeated rivals from Asia and Africa

In Morocco, the fights of the 1/4 finals of the tournament, held as part of the Golden Belt series on boxing. On the way to the semifinals, 4 members of the Azerbaijani team reached the ring.

Nabi’s springs, performing in the category of 67 kilograms, won the second consecutive match. Atomani Baruf (Comor islands) and Selby Dlani Tabiso (Esvatini) were defeated by them, and with a crushing score – 5: 0. The exit to the semi -final of the spokesers secured at least a bronze medal. His next rival will be Abdulhakim Akram.

Sarkhan Aliyev also confidently acts (the weight category is 71 kilograms), who confidently defeated the Alima Christian Thomas from Sierra Leone and the bronze medalist of the world championship of Sarochateu Lumbantobing from Indonesia. He also secured himself at least “bronze”. The next rival of Aliyev will be Steve Kulenguluki (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Typhur Aliyev (60 kilograms) met with Vsevolod Shumkov (Russia), and Muhammad Abdullaev (+92 kilograms) – with Diego Lensey (Italy). Both took 5th place, as their rivals previously overcame the stage, and received 400 rating points.

Note that on the 5th day of the competition in the ring, in the 1/4 stage of the final, 3 more Azerbaijani boxers will be released. Masud Yusifzade (51 kilograms) “tests” Douglas Tindade (Brazil), Umid Rustamov (57 kilograms) – Yana Kayedon (Ecuador), and Malik Hasanov (63.5 kilograms) – Gabilya Mammadova (Russia).