GPS: Another 6 new military units will be created on liberated territories

Restored the activities of the Border Making on the border with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the protection of the Lachinsky district, as well as the Zanginsky and Gubadlinsky districts on the state border with Armenia, began. This was reported to journalists Press Secretary of the Maja Sharifova GPS.

She noted that over the past two months, 10 military units have already begun to operate, and 6 new military units will be created until the end of May.

According to M. Sharifova, in the military operation “Iron fist”, conducted under the guidance of the Supreme Commander, the personal part of the GPS took an active part:

“Our heroic warriors raised the state flag on the Khudapherinsky bridge, in the city of Zangilan, the village of Agband, at the heights of Shukuyratan and Bartaz. The border guards participated in the battles were wounded and dead.”