“Gray Cardinal” in negotiations of Armenia with Turkey: who actually speaks with Kylych?

The former head of the Armenian Constitutional Court of the Constitutional Court, Edgar Ghazaryan, on his Facebook page published a photo from a meeting of special representatives on the process of normalizing relations between Armenia and Turkey – Ambassador of Serdar Kylych and the Vice -Spiker of the Armenian Parliament Ruben Rubinyan, which took place in Vienna on July 1 .

“On July 1, 2022, in a meeting of Ruben Rubinyan, who has no legal and diplomatic status in Vienna, and the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Armenia Armenia Arsen Avagyan, officially appointed by Turkey, also officially appointed by Turkey. that an ambassador, which officially carries out a diplomatic mission in one country, is the residence of the capital of Iran, in a third country participates in a diplomatic meeting – in order to normalize relations with the fourth country, ”Ghazaryan is indignant.

In his opinion, this is an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of diplomacy.

Ghazaryan notes that in cases where the ambassador leaves the place of his mission, he informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his temporary absence of a special note and in the same way notifies the return.

“In the case of Arsen Avagyan, after receiving such an official notification of Iran Foreign Ministry from the official website of the Armenia, can find out that the diplomat accredited in their country, that is, the ambassador, is not in its capital, but in the capital of the third country, participating in negotiations on normalizing relations with Turkey. This is a scandalous fact that raises many questions, ”he said.

Ghazaryan calls Arsen Avagyan one of the best Turkologists of Armenia in terms of scientific and practical diplomacy. He knows the history of Turkey quite well and knows in detail the subtleties of Armenian-Turkish relations. In 2001-2005 and 2015-2019, Avagyan was a regular representative of Armenia in the organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation, the residence of which is in Istanbul. The Armenian media claim that it was this fact that became decisive for his invitation to the meeting of special representatives.

“However, if knowledgeable and prudent people stood at the power of power and diplomacy in Armenia, then he (Avagyan – Ed.) Would not be appointed Armenia Ambassador to Iran, but by the official representative of Armenia in the process of normalizing relations between Armenia and Turkey , in the status of the ambassador according to special assignments, and not the servants – for servicing an inexperienced, uninhabited and useless Ruben Rubinyan. ”, Ghazaryan summed up.