Great Britain about dialogue with Russia

Great Britain does not refuse dialogue with Russia, but relations between countries cannot return to the previous level, while the war in Ukraine continues. This was stated by the representative of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Rishi Sunak, the Russian media write.

“We support the dialogue with Russia. The Minister of Defense (Ben – Ed.) Wallace recently talked with his Russian colleague (Sergey Shoigu – Ed.). At the G20 summit, Prime Minister Sunak expressed discontent (Russian actions – Ed.) To the Minister Foreign Affairs of Russia (Sergey – Ed.) Lavrov. We believe that Russia should leave Ukrainian territory, ”she said.

Commenting on the possibility of negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow, the representative of the British Prime Minister emphasized that London would not put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities in this matter. The decision should independently “accept the authorities of Ukraine as a sovereign state.” At the same time, she expressed the opinion that Russia has not yet demonstrated the readiness to conduct substantial negotiations.