Great Britain imposed sanctions against some enterprises of Sudan

Great Britain announced the introduction of sanctions against some Sudan enterprises for financing the conflict.

The written statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that new sanctions will be imposed against enterprises related to financing the warring parties in the first year after the start of the conflict in Sudan.

“strict measures will freeze assets and limit the financial freedom of companies related to the Sudanese army and the quick response forces (SBR),” the statement said.

The message emphasizes that the sanctions are a “clear signal” for the warring parties to stop fighting and begin a full -fledged peace process.

Some banks and mining companies fell under the sanctions.

– We urgently need to put an end to violence

Foreign Minister David Cameron said that a meaningless and cruel war in Sudan is destroying people’s lives. “A year later, from the beginning of the conflict, we continue to observe terrifying atrocities against civilians, unacceptable restrictions on humanitarian access and complete neglect of the life of the civilian population,” said Cameron.

Having emphasized that the guilty of violating human rights in Sudan, as well as the companies supporting the warring parties, must be held accountable, the minister added: “The world should not forget about Sudan. We urgently need to put an end to violence.”

– War in Sudan

The struggle for power between the army and the forces of quick response, which made a joint revolution against the government formed after the overthrow of the 30-year-old rule of Omar al-Bashir as a result of the popular uprising in Sudan, has been continuing for 1 year.

During the war, which began in the country on April 15, 2023 and continued in 12 of 18 states, the army controls the States in the North and East, and the SBR managed to take control of the Western and southern states.

Negotiations in Gidd, through the mediation of Saudi Arabia and the USA, the peaceful initiative of countries neighboring countries, led by Egypt, the efforts of the intergovernmental body on the development of East Africa (MOVR) and negotiations in Manam, the capital of Bahrain aimed at the cessation of the war, remained unsuccessful.

According to the UN, as a result of the conflict in Sudan, where the largest crisis of the population and hunger deploys in the world, more than 15 thousand people were killed, about 8.6 million people were forced to leave their homes, and more than 25 million people need humanitarian help.