Greece blocked 11th package of EU sanctions against Russia

Greece joined Hungary in blocking the 11th package of EU sanctions against Russia, which, according to the European Commission, should include restrictions against companies from third countries that do not pay attention to prohibitive measures of the European Union, increasing trade with Russia.

Greece and Hungary require the exclusion of its companies from the Ukrainian sanctions list from Kyiv, against which Kyiv introduced restrictions, supposedly for Russia’s support.

Prior to Kiev, these requirements of Athena and Budapest intend to block the 11th package of sanctions when approved by the EU constant representatives (Coreper).

Earlier, European media reported that the first version of the 11-DGU sanctions against Russia was supposed to include restrictions on legal entities from third countries, in particular, China, which did not recognize the EU right to impose unilateral restrictions without the sanction of the UN Security Council and ignore the requirements Brussels about the restriction of trade with Russia.