Greece continues to shake scandals with wiretap

The National Intelligence Service of Greece (EYP) listened to the phones of ministers, general secretaries of departments and advisers of ministers, parliamentarians, former head of the Greece, prosecutors, other civil servants, businessmen and TV presenters. The next list of names and surnames of the people listened was published by the Greek opposition newspaper Documento.

In the already third list of persons for whom, according to the newspaper, they monitored with the help of illegal Predator software, the official representative of the government Joannis icon, the Minister of Education and the religions of Nicky Keramoos, deputy of the PASCO – “Movement of Change” Andreas Loverdos, other politicians known in Greece, journalists, university teachers, media representatives.

Documento on November 5 published a list of 33 persons who, according to its source, illegally listened to the Greece special services using the Predator spy program. The list of former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the Foreign Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicos Dandias, the Minister of Development and Investments of Adonis Georgiadis and many other politicians appeared in the list. On November 13, the publication published a second list of 38 illegally listening persons, in which associates and friends of Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotiakis and his wife, ministers, military and journalists appear.

MITSISISISED AND INSTALLY OF EXPECTION OF INTERNALLY OF THE ENDITIONS AND POLICAL OFFICES, including members of their families, by applying spy software special services and said that there will be no early elections in connection with this scandal, they will take place, as planned, as planned, in 2023.