Greece government took place in personnel permutations

The Greece Government took place after the ruling party of New Democracy (ND) lost about a million votes in the Elections to the European Parliament on the ninth of June.

According to the press secretary of the Greek government, Pavlos Marinakis, in accordance with the decision of the Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotiacatis, the changes affected the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the miners of development, on migration and asylum, agriculture, labor and social protection.

Nicos Panayotopulos, who replaced Dimitris Keridis, was replaced by Dimitatis and asylum.

The Ministry of Labor will be headed by Nicky Keramoos, who still held the post of Minister of Internal Affairs. Instead, the Ministry of the Interior will be headed by Todoris Livanios.

The new minister of development will be Takis Theodorikacos, who will replace Kostasa Screkasa. Costas Chiaras became the Minister of Agriculture.

New members of the Cabinet of Ministers will take the oath at 18.00 local time.