Greece noted importance of positive agenda with Turkey

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece for Economic Diplomacy Kostas Frankiannis noted the importance of a positive agenda initiated between Turkey and Greece.

“Our goals are extremely clear: to establish bilateral economic cooperation. At the same time, we have achieved three goals. Firstly, the creation of good dynamics between the two countries. Our second goal is to consider certain problems and find solutions. Our third goal is to leave channels open connections that are very important during periods of tension, ”Frankiannis said on the air of one of the radio stations.

Frankiannis noted that in the framework of six meetings held between Turkey and Greece, an agreement was reached on 15 issues.

At the same time, the deputy minister cited the example of the Greek-Turkish business council as an example of an important component of a positive agenda between Greece and Turkey.

Frankiannis noted that this council encourages the entrepreneurs of the two countries to cooperate. According to him, a decision was made on cooperation in four areas: tourism, agriculture and food, construction and logistics.

He indicated that within the framework of a positive agenda, two countries reached a higher level of cooperation between customs services.

Frankiannis recalled that efforts are made to ensure the convenience of obtaining a visa for tourists coming from Turkey and for entering the Greek Islands. The deputy minister also emphasized the importance of visiting by Turkish tourists Greek Islands.

Regarding the agreements and initiatives in the field of sports, health and cooperation among young people, Fragiannis reminded the signing of the healthcare agreement during the last visit to Ankara.

According to the agreement, Greece citizens have the opportunity to be treated in Turkey, and among citizens of Turkey – in Greece, ”he said.