Greece Prime Minister Kiryaki Mitsikitis arrived in Ankaru

Greece Prime Minister Kiriacosikitisa arrived in Ankara on an official visit.

A plane with a Greek delegation, led by Mitzikitis, landed at Esenbog Airport at 15.08 local time.


The Prime Minister at the airport was met by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Hakan Fidan, Deputy Governor of Ankara Murat Soylu, Deputy Mayor of Ankara Fakuk Koylyuoglu, Turkish ambassador to Athens Chagatai Erjes, Ambassador of Greece to Ankara Theodorosos Bizakis and other officials.

Mitsik abouthotis will be adopted by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the presidential complex. It is also expected that after the meeting the leaders of the two countries will hold a joint press conference.

During the visit of Mitsikitisis, various aspects of bilateral relations between Turkey and Greece will be considered and the steps that can be taken to develop cooperation are discussed.

As part of the visit, there will also be an exchange of views on topical regional and global problems, on the agenda there is also the signing of agreements that will help strengthen relations.