Greece will give United States Iranian oil from detained Russian tanker

Greece will transmit the United States Iranian oil, which was transported on a Russian tanker detained in April. In the same month, the tanker was released. On board, according to the media, there were 115 thousand tons of Iranian oil.

“Based on the court decision, it is expected that the US tanker will be transferred to the United States, the expenses of overload are taken over by the American authorities. The ship is in the port of Caristos,” TASS was told in the Ministry of Naval and island policy of Greece.

On April 19, PEGAS tanker under the Russian flag was detained at the pier of the Greek city of Caristos. The decision on detention was made as part of the sanctions imposed by the European Union (the fifth package of EU sanctions includes a ban on the entry of Russian courts in European ports). There were 19 Russian sailors on board the ship. The tanker was renamed Lana. April 22, the ship was released. The Greek newspaper Kathimerini wrote that until mid -March the tanker “actually belonged” to the Russian Promsvyazbank. A credit institution has fallen under US sanctions, introduced in response to the Russian military operation in Ukraine. On March 17, the ship changed the owner and was transferred to Transmorphlot. In May, according to the newspaper, the United States sent a request to the judicial authorities demanding the arrest of oil from the Russian tanker. Washington claims that this oil is from Iran, and the company that will “benefit from its sale” is blacklisted by the United States due to suspicion of financing terrorism. The Athenian court eventually decided to transfer the USA from the tanker.