Grossy denied application of Russian intelligence on weapons at Ukrainian nuclear power plants

Expert group of the Magate did not find caches of weapons and ammunition for it at Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

This was stated by the general director of the agency Rafael Grossy.

During a speech in the European Parliament, he assured that he asked his subordinates to conduct a thorough check of nuclear power plants for weapons warehouse and cartridges from the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Armed Forces). According to Grossy, the results of the audit showed that there are no weapons at the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

“Since our permanent missions are already there, I asked today my team carefully inspect the sites together with Ukrainian personnel there to make sure, to see whether military materials were stored there … The result of these inspections was, of course, negative.” Grossy said during the speech, the broadcast of which was conducted by the b.

as Grossy pointed out, thanks to the work of the IAEA expert group “For the second time”, charges against Ukraine about violations in the field of nuclear security were rejected.

Earlier, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are stored at the atomic power plants of the rocket to the American RSO Himars and the Western air defense systems. According to him, Kyiv also places a large -caliber shell for artillery at nuclear power plants. Naryshkin expressed the hope that none of the Ukrainian authorities occurred to arrange a detachment of warehouses with ammunition in the calculation of the Western allies from the Western allies even more weapons and cartridges.