Groups supported by Iran made an attempt to attack US base in Syria

Iranian groups made an attempt to attack the US Base in the Syrian province of Dair-Ez-Zor using Drones-Kamikadze.

According to local sources, an attempt to attack the base in the territory of the Koniko gas field was made late at night from the western bank of the Euphrates River.

It is reported that air defense systems on the basis were destroyed by UAVs before they achieved goals. US authorities have not yet commented on messages.

The US Army bases in the Syrian provinces of Khasek and Deir-ez-Zor from October 2023 are often subjected to missile shelling and attacks of Dronov-Kamikadze.

Dair-Ez-Zor territories in the east of the Euphrates River are occupied by the UPG terrorist organization (PKK Syrian wing), the central part and rural areas of the province are under the control of the Bashar Assad regime and Iranian groups.