Guardian: Ukrainian saboteurs act in Russia

The Ukrainian battalion “Brotherhood” is conducting sabotage work in Russia. This was reported by the British newspaper The Guardian

According to the special forces, they are recruited mainly from civilian ones. They gave an interview to the British publication in Kyiv.

“Our group had to bring explosives to the Russian Federation and leave it in a certain place. I do not know why it was intended for,” says one of the interlocutors Taras, his words are given by the country .ua.

Six weeks ago, Ukrainian saboteurs shot down a Russian helicopter. Another fighter – Vladislav – said that he participated in the undermining of military warehouses near Belgorod. Also, his group was given the task of “capturing or killing one of the FSB officers.”

They penetrate in Russia in groups of 4-5 people with shepherd trails or on the guns of smugglers. But not always everything goes according to plan. At the end of December, four fighters were killed in the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation.