Gurban Gurbanov about tomorrow’s match with “Freiburg”

The head coach of Karabakh Gurban Gurbanov shared his expectations from tomorrow’s match with the German Freiburg in the 6th round of the Europa League.

The game will take place at the Tofika Bahramov republican stadium and will begin at 21:45. Recall, “Karabakh” before the last round to the point is ahead of the French “Nant”. If the French beat tomorrow in the parallel game “Olympiacos”, then “Karabakh” to take 2nd place in the group, it will be necessary to win the Germans. If Nant does not win in Greece, then Karabakh will in any case be the 2nd in this quartet.

“Everyone knows the significance of this game perfectly,” says Gurbanov. “We will play against a strong opponent who has not yet lost. After the first game, we better know the players of Freiburg. We understand that tomorrow we need to be very attentive on the field. I believe To our team. I hope we achieve a good result tomorrow

In what psychological state Shakhrudin Magomedaliev? This is a lot about this in the last days. It bothers. I would not want this, because we are going to an important match. We are professionals, and everything is in order. Such moments create stress in the goalkeeper and the entire team.

I can say that we have no psychological problems. We will try to prevent mistakes. Football is a game of mistakes. There is no player who would not allow them.

“Freiburg” has already secured 1st place in the group. It is difficult to say how it will affect tomorrow’s game. In such cases, the team usually plays calmer. But we are primarily thinking about our game.

Will Gara Garayev, Badavi Huseynov and Leandro Andrade be ready for tomorrow’s match? Badavi and Andrade will not play, Gara is in question.

“Karabakh” never won the final matches at the group stage? I do not want to return to the past. We will try to show ourselves from the best side. From a psychological point of view, as I said, everything is in order in the team. “