Gutherrish: UN Security Council resolution must be fulfilled, its failure is unforgivable

“This resolution should be fulfilled, its failure is unforgivable,” said the UN Secretary General Antoniu Guterrish about the UN Security Council (SB UN), which is called to the UN Security Council, calling for the immediately cessation of fire in the gas sector.

The UN Secretary General Guterrish, in a statement on his account on the network, assessed the adoption of a resolution on gas.

“The Security Council has just approved the long -awaited resolution on gas, which calls for the immediate cessation of fire and the unconditional release of all hostages. This resolution must be fulfilled, its failure is unforgivable”.

During the vote at the UN Security Council, a resolution project was adopted, requiring an immediate ceasefire in gas per month of Ramazan, which should turn into a constant and stable ceasefire.

SB UN consisting of 15 members voted according to the project of a resolution prepared by inconsistent members of Algeria, Ecuador, Gayan, Japan, Malta, Mozambik, South Korea, Sierra Leone, Slovenia and Switzerland. The draft resolution was adopted by 14 votes “FOR” and 1 “abstained”.