Hakan Fidan met with colleagues from Saudi Arabia and France

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan in the fields of the heads of the Foreign Ministry G20 held separate meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Feisal Bin Ferkhan and Foreign Minister of France Stefan Sejurn.

According to information received from diplomatic sources, Fidan met with Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Feisal Bin Ferkhan in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

During the meeting, steps were discussed that the countries of the region can take for immediate ceasefire in gas and solving the problem of the two states.

Minister Fidan handed it to his colleague that the “gas panel”, which will be organized at the Antalya Diplomatic Forum (ADF), will be an important opportunity in this context.

During the meeting, bilateral and economic relations and cooperation in the field of defense industry were also discussed.

During the meeting of Minister Fidan and Foreign Minister of France, France Sejurne discussed a high -level visit, regional issues and relations between Turkey and the European Union (EU).

Having emphasized that it is necessary to take urgent steps to prevent further deterioration in the gas situation, Fidan noted that the international community should act in unity on this issue.

indicating that the war in Ukraine should be resolved within the framework of the territorial integrity and political unity of this country, he stated that it would be a strategic mistake to separate the process of Turkey’s entry into the EU from other candidate countries.

The Foreign Minister of Turkey will continue bilateral contacts as part of a meeting of foreign ministers G20.