Hanz admitted: Iran sent two drones to Israel

On Tuesday, May 17, Israeli Minister of Defense Beni Ganz said that two unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down in February, who were heading from Iran to Judea and Samaria or to the gas sector.

Earlier in March it was reported that drones were intercepted by an American fighter over Iraq.

“Even today, Iran makes efforts to complete the production and installation of thousands of advanced centrifugs IR6 at its nuclear facilities, including a new object built on an underground site near Natanza,” its “details” quote.


He said that Iran is developing high-precision cruise missiles, missiles of the Earth-Earth class and an UAV with a flight range of thousands of kilometers.

“We saw one example of an attempt to use Iranian weapons in February. As it has already happened, the Corps of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (Ksir) sent a couple of drones from Iran towards Israel. Based on the fact that the parachutes were attached to the UAV, we assume that the purpose of launching was their landing in the gas sector or in Judea and Samaria, where they were supposed to choose terrorist organizations, ”said the head of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.