Hartum called for replacing UN special representative in Sudan

Chairman of the Sovereign Council and the commander of the Army of Sudan, General Abdel Fattah al-Burkhan turned to the UN Secretary General Antoniu Gutherrish with a request to “change” the representative of the international organization in Sudan Volker Pertes.

The letter addressed to the head of the UN states that Peretes cited false information on the consensus submitted by the Sovereign Council on a framework of military and civil groups signed on December 5, 2022.

The statements of the UN representative in Sudan openly contradict the realities in the African country, says al-Burghan.

Despite the weakness and negative aspects of the specified framework agreement, which increased tension in the political and social spheres and led to the “rebellion”, Pertes persistently defended the significance of the document by dishonest ways and instruments, the letter said.

The commander of the quick response forces of Sudan Hamdan Dagalo could not have entered the battle with the army if he had not received assurances and signs of support from some parties, including Pertes, the army general said.

The presence of the head of the United United United Mission to assist the Sudan (Unitams) of the Volker Pertes in the African country negatively affects the UN image, Al-Burkhan said.

The extension of the time during which Pertes headed the mission indicates that Unitams does not contribute to a successful transition in Sudan, he believes.

We ask the UN General General Guterrisha to nominate an alternative candidate for the post of transfers, the general of the Sudanese army emphasized.

The World Organization called the position of Abdel Fattah al-Burghana “shocking.”