Head of Association of GrainSods of Azerbaijan: “There is no prerequisites for increasing bread prices”

In the past few days, reports appeared in some media, about allegedly raising flour prices in the country. Commenting on this information, the head of the Association of Grainjan of Azerbaijan, the Taleh Gasimov, said that this is no means true.

“The state fully controls the situation in the grain market, and the allocated subsidies influenced the stabilization of prices for this strategic product in the country. Although it is worth noting that in recent times in world markets there is an increase in wheat prices due to drought. Only in August The price of a ton of wheat has rise in price by 12.85 percent and amounted to 274.9 dollars, “he noted.

“During the monitoring of the market, the facts of the sale of flour and grain at overpriced prices was not recorded. It is fairly inventory to ensure that it is uninterrupted to provide her Baku and regions of the country. Azerbaijani grains receive subsidies from the state, moreover, perhaps even decline Flour prices. So all these conversations about increasing prices for flour are groundless, “T. Ghassymov said.

As noted by the head of the association, no prerequisites for increasing bread prices are noted: And if some unfair entrepreneurs increase the prices of flour, this does not mean that prices for it increased

Note that after the announcement of increasing gasoline prices in some markets, Baku raised prices for bread. Buyers noticed that the chopped and packed loaves of bread, which cost 0.55-0.6 manat, has rise in price to 0.7 manat.