Head of Dagestan: attacks were coordinated by time and goals

The attacks committed on the eve of Derbent and Makhachkala were coordinated by time and goals. This was announced by the Russian media by the head of Dagestan Sergey Melikov.

“All this was coordinated by targets, objectives and, most importantly, by time. And, apparently, the bandits had a direct calculation, having simultaneously performed four terrorist attacks, make chaos in the actions of law enforcement and law enforcement units, taking advantage of how to leave responsibility And get away from attempts to detain, ”he said.

He emphasized that operational measures should continue to identify accomplices of the attackers.

The head of the republic called the use of a religious factor “an attempt to rock society.”

On Sunday, June 23, in the cities of Derbent and Makhachkala of the Republic of Dagestan, unknown people attacked two Orthodox churches, two synagogues and a traffic police post.

A priest was killed in Derbent, during the shelling of the Holy Assumption Cathedral in Makhachkala, the guardian of the church died.

According to the Russian authorities, the five attackers were liquidated. According to preliminary data, 15 law enforcement officers were killed, as well as 4 civilians.