Head of defense of Dnieper: in office of Zelensky fool all heads

The head of the Dnieper defense headquarters Gennady Korban accused the authorities of pursuing an erroneous information policy without providing citizens with true information about the state of affairs at the front.

“People need information. People want to know the truth. And even the truth about the war. Because there are a lot of facts hiding. Once again I say, there must be military censorship. There should be clearly written criteria for this, which says that there are such, such, such The facts are not covered, ”he said in an interview with BBC.

“Sorry, when different advisers to the president’s office are told for many days in a row, that now we will begin a counterattack in the Kherson region, the Armed Forces will begin … and do it on an ongoing basis – people expect this. People hope for this … one assistant to the president’s office, Another certain expert of the president’s office, the third – they go out and shut up people daily. They are fooling them – now the himars, we have broken up, let’s go here. We will start a counterattack. 3-6 weeks – we will free Kherson. This is a lie. People need to tell the truth, ”Korban emphasized Korban .

According to him, the Russian army strengthens its positions in the south of Ukraine, transferring people and equipment there.

For example, last week about 30 battalion -tactical groups brought in the Kherson region. You know how many people are 20 thousand. Although they said that Russia has no reserves that he would not import anyone from Crimea. He brought a bunch of a bunch technology, tanks.

What counterattack are we talking about? Why fool people? Why do people lie? People in Ukraine are in this state, are in such a tragedy that they will accept any truth. Even the worst. But the truth. Than when they are encouraged, and then it turns out that Russians are advancing instead of our counterattack. They tell us that we are winning, but this does not quite correspond to reality, ”he said.