Head of IAEA caught Tehran in lies

IAEA General Director Raphael Grossi on Friday for the first time in history showed detail the sample of the camera similar to those that his agency uses for monitoring the Iranian nuclear program. This is reported by jpost.

Press session was aimed at Iranian statements that cameras can be hacked and used for espionage. “Kiberatka is impossible,” he said, noting that the camera is not connected to a shared network or computer.

On the contrary, Grossi said that the cameras in which he pointed out where the data storage and battery inside the chamber are located, it is impossible to hack or fake, and showed that any physical intervention will leave traces.

In addition, he said that cameras are standard equipment of the IAEA and that the world has 1,000-2,000 chambers used by the Agency.

The CEO responded to questions that he did not achieve sufficient restoration of monitoring the Nuclear Program of the Islamic Republic.

We note, Earlier, the Minister of Information and Communication Technologies Iran Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromy reported a large cyberatka for the infrastructure of the country.

“I can not tell the details, however, we encountered organized and implemented with state support (cyberatics – ed.) On the infrastructure of the country. Attack is very extensive,” said the minister.

He added that the kiberatak managed to reflect.