Head of Israeli military intelligence warns of aggressive actions of Iran in region

As the pressure increases on Tehran, his reaction to various events is becoming more aggressive. Iran – everywhere. So said the head of the military intelligence service of the Israeli Defense Army (Aman), Major General Aaron Khaliv at the conference conducted by the Institute for National Security Research (ISS).

“I am not sure that the world is well understood by the power that Iran has at the global level. But if London is preparing for the possible blow of Iran, they know what they are talking about. The United States is preparing for the Iranian terror,” said Khaliva .

Commenting on the cooperation of Moscow and Tehran, the head of the Israeli military intelligence noted that Iran could demand financial assistance from Russia, as well as a fee in the form of intelligence and weapons.

Khaliva also warned that in the near future we should expect more aggressive actions of Iran in the region and the world.