Head of Ministry of Defense of Lithuania: part of Lithuanian society still does not realize threats to state

Part of the Lithuanian society still does not realize the threats of the state. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Lithuania Arvidas Anushauskas, commenting on the latest public opinion polls, according to which only a fifth of the population supports additional financing of the defense sector.

“Apparently, part of the society still does not feel the breath of the threat. This is wrong, because, considering threats in the future that may change, we need to increase our capabilities for a certain period of time. If we begin to build and create all this Only in the face of a real threat, it will be just late, ” – quotes the words of the Minister Lithuanian national radio and television LRT.

According to the head of the defense department, it is important Lithuania to invest not only in national defense, but also increase the support provided by Ukraine.

“While Ukraine holds the front, it seems that everything is somewhere far away, a thousand kilometers, and maybe this applies to us, but not quite directly,” Anushauskas noted.

The minister is convinced that the allocation of 0.25 percent of the Western countries for supporting Ukraine would increase current support by one and a half times.