Head of Ministry of Defense of Turkey: Greece provokes us

The head of the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey, Hulushi Akar, urged Greece to abandon the policy of provocations against Ankara and solve the available problems through dialogue.

He announced this after the incident with the persecution of the Beregovaya guard of the Turkish fishing vessels in the Aegean Sea. The broadcast was led by TRT.

“In relations with Greece, we have serious problems. We strive to solve them by dialogue, however, unfortunately, we have not received a positive answer to our initiatives from our neighbor, which violates the existing status quo in the Aegean and militarizes the islands. Yesterday, Greece opened fire on our fishermen, ”said Akar.

The incident off the coast of Turkey occurred on Thursday evening. The coast guard stopped the attempt to pursue the Greek military boat of the Turkish fisherman barcashes, opening the warning fire into the air.

The head of the Turkish Ministry of Defense has held responsibility for the incident on the Greek side.

“Greece provokes us. We will not leave any attack against us. We call for Greece, which is looking for tension for domestic political reasons, as soon as possible to abandon provocative actions. Do not go into adventures, hiding behind others. Throughout history, you They have already done this, the consequences are known, ”the minister warned.