Head of Nikolaev region: Western weapons are already changing situation in Ukraine

The artillery systems supplied by the West are already changing the situation in Ukraine in the field, and “only a matter of time” when the Ukrainian forces return control of significant territories in the south. Such a statement was made by the head of the Nikolaev region of Ukraine Vitaly Kim. It is reported by Reuters.

Kim, whose region was partially occupied by Russian troops, but remains one of the two who remain to the Black Sea, told the agency that Ukrainian forces have achieved “some successes” in a counter -cost in the neighboring Kherson region.

When asked when Western weapons begin to change the situation in the locations in the context of the confrontation of the Russian Federations, Kim replied: “This is already happening, and we will achieve further success.” “We are talking about artillery,” he said. “It already works in our region.”

Kim refused to clarify what Western artillery systems are talking about.

In order to achieve significant successes in the south of Ukraine, for example, to return part of the Kherson region north of the Dnieper controlled by Russia, Ukraine most likely requires more people, which can mean a transfer of forces from the east of the country or additional mobilization, Kim said.

According to the head of the Nikolaev region, Russia will have opportunities for an attack on Zaporozhye and Nikolaev in the coming months.