Head of Russian intelligence: now fate of Russia and its future place in world

Russia will never retreat in matters of ensuring its sovereignty, Sergey Naryshkin said director of the Russian External Intelligence Service. According to him, the fate of Russia and its future place in the world are solved now.

“Our country is now experiencing a truly historical moment. The fate of Russia, its future place in the world,” said Naryshkin, whose words lead RIA Novosti.

he called for not forgetting that the main factor in the development of the Russian Federation and the sovereignty was also remained sovereignty. “This is a guarantee of well-being and the advantages of our citizens, this is the future of our children. In such matters, Russia never retreated and will not retreat, because otherwise it will cease to be Russia,” said the head of the CVR Russia.

Naryshkin stressed that the decision to start “special operation” in Ukraine relied on the situation in the world, and the slightest delay in the “Russophobian Kiev regime” would turn in the near future a big tragedy. “The decision of the President of the Russian Federation on the conduct of a special military operation that is able to protect the population of Donbass and protect the safety of our country, relied on a deep analysis of historical patterns and an extremely accurate, realistic assessment of the situation in the world,” – quotes Naryshkin RIA Novosti.