Head of transition government Harry Konil was hospitalized in Haiti

The head of the transition government Haiti Harry Konil was hospitalized after a deterioration in well -being.

The office of the head of the Gaiti government reported that after a busy working week, the Prime Minister felt bad, but after hospitalization his condition stabilized. Politics did not lead the details regarding Konil’s malaise in the office.

A source close to the Prime Minister told the Associated Press (AP) that Konil had asthma and it was hospitalized due to breathing problems.

Harry Konil was elected Prime Minister of the Haiti transition period on May 28.

The Security Situations and the Humanitarian situation in Haiti worsened after the murder of President Zhovenel Moiz in 2021 and earthquakes, to the present point of the gang control more than 80 percent of the territory of the country’s capital-the city of Porto-Prens.

Haiti has been fighting for many years with fundamental problems, such as political, economic crises and security crises. The population of the country, numbering more than 11 million people, is at risk of hunger.