Head of Turkish CEC advocated introduction of an electronic voting system in country

Chairman of the Supreme Electoral Council (Yüksek Seçim Kurulu) Turkey Ahmet Jener advocated the introduction of an electronic voting system in the country.

Yener attracted attention to the successful practice of the United States, Switzerland, Estonia, Brazil and several other countries in this area. “In the near future we plan to take specific steps in this direction. I consider the transition of Turkey to the electronic voting system obligatory. Efforts in this direction are intensified after the municipal elections in Turkey,” said the head of the CEC, the words of which are quoted by TRT.

According to Jeneer, the corresponding regulatory framework is primarily required to go to the electronic voting system. “Meetings are planned with representatives of political parties presented in parliament. If there is a corresponding legal regulation, it will be possible to go to a new voting system,” he said.

We study the experience of a number of countries in this regard, including Estonia, where such a practice is successfully applied, said Jener.

At the same time, he did not exclude that the vote can be used in the future through the Electronic Government portal.

At the first stage, the electronic voting system will earn in the pilot region, the priority of foreign polling stations, the head of the CEC said. “In the event of a transition to an electronic voting system, the financial burden of the elective process will decrease in many ways. In addition, the new system will facilitate steps for the voters themselves,” he said.