Head of Turkish Ministry of Defense: fight against terrorists will continue until threat is completely eliminated

Turkish Armed Forces during successful operations in the country and abroad struck a powerful blow to the PKK, the criminal organization is practically paralyzed.

This is the Minister of National Defense of Turkey, Yashar Guler, said on an online meeting with the commanders of the Turkish Army, the press service of the defense department reports.

Yashar Conference has connected to the province of Shanlyurf, where he arrived along with the head of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, General Metin Gurak and commanders of the military of the troops.

“We will make every effort to develop and expand control, which has still been successfully installed in the field, and reduce the actions and possibilities of a terrorist organization to zero,” said the Minister of National Academy of Sciences of Turkey.

Guler attracted attention to the fact that the Turkish army carries out the largest, intensive and efficient activity over the past century and in such a scrupulous period of additional security measures to strengthen the boundaries of Turkey, the number of personnel and equipment at the border.


According to the minister, Turkey is located in the very heart of the region where conflicts and disagreements occur, and under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, important initiatives to resolve crises and problems are being taken.

“In this context, we implemented and continue to implement large and important initiatives, made intensive efforts to solve many problems in Karabakh, Libya, regarding the Russian -Ukrainian conflict, in the Middle East and neighboring regions,” he said.

The Turkish armed forces support the fair struggle of the Union countries and contribute to global and regional security, peace and stability, Guller emphasized.

“All these initiatives and actions clearly demonstrate that Turkey has become a global player, an indispensable participant in international negotiations and security architecture, and that our army is one of the most powerful and effective in the world,” the head of the department said, noting that in This connection, the Armed Forces of Turkey should fully realize the need to successfully fulfill many tasks at the same time.

The Turkish army will continue to make efforts day and night to eliminate all types of threats and dangers for the security of the country and the people, Guler assured.