Heavy clashes continue in Sudan

On the last day of the ceasefire between the Sudanese army and a militarized group of quick response forces (SBR), clashes continued under the capital.

In the west and north of the capital of Hartum, fights with the use of heavy artillery took place.

As a result of fierce clashes, many buildings have been destroyed, and residents run into safer areas.

May 23 in Sudan, where from mid -April of this year clashes between the army and the SBR broke out, a seven -day ceasefire entered into force.

A few hours before the ceasefire, the warring parties fought using heavy and light weapons in various areas of Hartum.

A truce agreement was signed in Gidd through the mediation of Saudi Arabia. The ceasefire in Sudan entered into force at 21:45 local time.

Army of Sudan and the SBR has already agreed seven times about a truce, but the agreements were repeatedly violated by the parties.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 850 people were killed due to the ongoing clashes in Sudan, another 5.5 thousand were injured.