Heavy weapons are taken from Armenians in Karabakh

After the surrender of Armenia in the Second Karabakh war and the signing of a tripartite agreement, Yerevan took the obligation to withdraw the armed forces of Armenia from the territories controlled by Russian peacekeepers. At the same time, Russian peacekeepers had to ensure the disarmament of illegal armed Armenian gangs. In mid -July, Secretary of the Security Council Armen Grigoryan publicly stated that the army of Armenia would completely leave the territory of Karabakh, thereby the end of the thirty -year occupation of Azerbaijani territories will be finally laid. At the same time, Grigoryan noted that the forces of the Karabakh separatists will remain in Karabakh.

In parallel with this, the Armenian side was supposed to ensure the relocation of the Middle Eastern Armenians illegally placed in the city and the village of Zabukh, transferring the Lachinsky corridor to Azerbaijan for many years. As you know, in return Baku rebuilt an alternative road.

However, in early August, the largest aggravation of the conflict since the end of the 44-day war occurred in the region. Armenian illegal armed groups subjected the intensive shelling of the position of the Azerbaijani army in the Lachin direction. As a result, Azerbaijani soldier Anar Kyazimov died. In response, Azerbaijan undertook the counter -terrorist operation “Retribution”, during which Armenian militants in Karabakh suffered serious losses. The Azerbaijani Army took control of the height of the Gyrkhgyz, control of the dominant heights of Sarybab and a number of others was established. As part of the operation, several combat positions of the Armenian illegal armed groups were destroyed, a living force, several D-30 howitzers, military vehicles and a large number of ammunition were destroyed and wounded.

The tough answer of the Azerbaijani army cooled hot Armenian heads. The process of liberation of the Lachinsky corridor continued, and the Armenians in Karabakh finally realized that they would have to come to terms with the prospect of living in Azerbaijan.

Last night, Armenian sources reported the beginning of another requirement of Azerbaijan. Armenians bring artillery attitudes from Karabakh. Until the end of September, there should not be any heavy weapons in Karabakh. The notorious “Army of the Defense of Karabakh” transforms into the “National Guard”, akin to the national police. It should be noted that this is only a temporary intermediate solution.

Azerbaijan made it clear that there would be no status in Karabakh, respectively, there can be no “guard”. And the day is not far away when the Armenian “guards” in Karabakh will accept the citizenship of Azerbaijan and change their form to the form of employees of the Azerbaijani police.