Henry and Gabrielyan spouses are accused of trying to espionage to Russia

In the USA, a married couple of doctors is charged with a conspiracy to transfer official information about the health of military personnel to the Russian government. Major of the American army, Jamie Lee Henry and his wife, Anna Gabrielyan, according to the investigation, offered secret information to the FBI agent under the guise, which impersoned the representative of the Russian Embassy.

Radio Liberty writes that Henry served as a full-time internalist at Fort Bragg in North Carolin, one of the main bases of the American army. In 2015, he became known as the first transgender officer in the US Army, but now he asks to call himself in a male gender again. According to the position of the prosecution, after the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he considered the opportunity to join the Russian army. His wife is an anesthetist in one of the best in the country according to the ratings of the John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore.

According to the position of the prosecution, Gabrielyan, who speaks English and Russian, tried to contact the Russian embassy and offer diplomats to the services of themselves and the spouse as informants. However, an FBI agent undercover the meeting with her. In a conversation with him, the physician, stated, said that from a sense of patriotism she was ready to provide Russia with any possible help, even if it means her dismissal or a prison term.

After the first meeting on August 17, the agent met both spouses, retells the indictment of the NBC News. Henry expressed a desire to cooperate, reported an attempt to admit the army and said that the United States was using Ukraine to cover its hatred of Russia. At the next meeting, August 31, the couple handed over to the agent the medical data of six Americans.

Between these meetings, the Voice of America reports, Gabrielyan told the agent that Henry is cowardly to transmit medical information, but she will make sure that Russia received data from patients treated in the hospital on the basis of Fort Bragg.

The media do not give the positions of the accused in this case. They face five years of federal prison on charges of conspiracy, and for 10 years for each transferred medical card, that is, up to 65 years of imprisonment.