Hezbollah planned to eliminate former agent Mossad

The militants of the terrorist organization Hezbollah followed Israeli and American businessmen in Bogota, also planned to eliminate one of the businessmen. This is reported by Colombian newspaper EL TIEMPO.

According to the publication, in the past, this man was a Mossad employee.

According to Colombia’s defense minister, two hezbollah activists involved in the surveillance were arrested several months ago and deported from the country.

It is reported that information on the surveillance for a former employee of Israeli foreign intelligence was transferred to Mossad.

According to the report transferred to the Columbia authorities, the object of surveillance became, Israeli, who has opened a business of imports of surveillance cameras.

It is assumed that the murder of Israelin was planned as revenge for the elimination of the Iranian general of Kasem Suleimani, who commanded the Special Force “Al-Kuds” of the Iranian Corps of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution.