Hikmet Gadzhiev: Azerbaijan has been interested in development of relations with Iran at all times

In Azerbaijan, we got acquainted with the statement of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Akbar Vilaiyati Iranian media, the assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of the Presidential Administration Hikmet Gadzhiev, said.

Advisor to the Supreme Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Akbar Vilaiyati, having previously made a statement on Azerbaijani-Iranian ties, noted that Iran and Azerbaijan have a common historical heritage and traditions, called the people of the Azerbaijan Republic Light Plays and noted that in the latter in the latter Days of some biasedly spread rumors that Iran wants to fight with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

commenting on this statement, H. Gadzhiev said: “We positively evaluate the opinion of Ali Akbar Vilayati that our peoples have a common history, religious, cultural heritage and traditions, as well as his opinions about Azerbaijani-Iranian connections as a whole.

We regret that recently a number of statements of some officials, members of the parliament and representatives of the law enforcement agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran caused an increase in tension between the two countries. Azerbaijan Republic is not the initiator of this tension. In particular, I would like to note that the Iranian armed forces of the two military exercises near the borders of Azerbaijan did not serve to strengthen trust between our countries, but, on the contrary, had a negative impact on it. Azerbaijan Republic at all times was interested in the development of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran on the basis of mutual respect and trust, and today it is so, ”he said.