Hong Kong banned entry travelers from Azerbaijan

From January 14, Azerbaijan will be added to the list of countries whose residents are denied entry to Hong Kong, reports Haqqin.az with reference to the local edition of The Standard.

In connection with the identification of the new strain of COVID-19 in our country – “Oomikron” – all non-residents of Hong Kong, who were in our country for 21 days, entry into the territory of a special administrative district, which is Hong Kong, will be prohibited from Friday.

And Hong Kong residents who visited Azerbaijan will be allowed to enter only if they were completely vaccinated. At the same time, in any case, they will be able to wait for their homing 21-day quarantine to their homeland in a specially designated hotel. During this time, the arrivals will be taken six tests, as well as another test for the 26th day of stay in Hong Kong.

The list in which Azerbaijan came, at the moment there are about 140 countries.

Hong Kong or Sianggan is a special administrative district of China. Hong Kong is part of the PRC, but has a wide autonomy for 50 years – until 2047. Hong Kong reserves the right to self-government, has its own legislation, a political system, currency and monetary policy, autonomous immigration and visa policy. He can also save his status in international organizations. At the same time, China performs defense functions and is responsible for foreign policy.