Hospital “Martyrs al-Axsa” in Gaza: 1200 patients face death due to lack of fuel

about 1200 patients and wounded in the “Martyrs al-Aksa” in the Deir-El-Balakh-Balakh hospital in a blocked gas sector collided with a threat of life due to fuel shortage.

The hospital’s administration said that there would be a disaster for patient health if the fuel was not delivered to the hospital within a few hours, most of which has already plunged into the darkness.

The statement states that the hospital requires more than 4 thousand liters of fuel per day to provide services and the absence of its supplies will lead to the conclusion of all hospitals in the gas sector.

The statement notes that the hospital has 1,200 patients and wounded, 600 of which are patients on dialysis.

The administration of the hospital called on the international community and institutions to put 50 thousand liters of fuel in the hospital before a catastrophe in the field of healthcare.

The life of newborns in the incubators also turned out to be at risk due to the disconnection of electricity.