How Azerbaijani special forces scared Greece

The joint maneuvers of the Azerbaijani and Turkish special forces in the framework of the Efes 2022 military exercises in Turkey, which will begin on May 31, scared Greece. In Athens, they argue that in the framework of these teachings, special forces will imitate the landing of a landing on the Greek Island in the Aegean Sea.

According to the Greek website of Pronews, the exercises will be held according to the script “penetrating from the sea into the rear of the enemy, clearing the coastline and damage to the coastal military facilities of the enemy with their subsequent neutralization.” Pronews claims that on the eve of the exercises, Turkish fighters violated the airspace of Greece.

Greek media regarding these teachings as a preparation for joint actions of the Azerbaijani and Turkish special forces in case of a possible Greco-Turkish, sacrificed conflict. It is reported that Turkish and Pakistani special forces previously conducted exercises according to a similar scenario.

“Ankara introduces Azerbaijanis to the environment of the Aegean Sea, so that Azerbaijan can use the experience gained when the time comes to” repay the debt “of Turkey for victory in Karabakh,” the newspaper writes.

Grekov also worries that for the first time in the history of EFES exercises, a warship entered the flag of Libya, accompanied by a Turkish destroyer.

in the water area of ​​the Aegean Sea.

According to the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey, the exercises will be held off the coast of the Izmir district of Seferchisar from May 31 to June 9. EFES exercises are held once every two years with the participation of military units of friendly and union Turkey countries, including Azerbaijan.

Note that the Azerbaijani special forces regularly conducts joint teachings with related divisions of Turkey, which cannot be directed against Greece or any third country.