How did Iran deliver drones to Russia?

The Guardian publication found out what kind of Iran delivered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to Russia.

Sources informed the publication that Tehran used boats and a state airline to transport new types of distant radius UAVs.

The Guardian writes about a party of 18 drones that were delivered by the Russian Navy after Russian officers and technicians made a special visit to Tehran in November, where they demonstrated a full spectrum of Iranian technologies.

Then the Russian delegation of 10 people chose 6 Mohader-6 drones, which have a flight range of about 200 km and carry two missiles under each wing, as well as 12 drones of Shahed-191 and Shahd-129 .

According to sources, most drones sent to Russia secretly took the Iranian ship from the base on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Then, in the sea, drones were transferred to the Russian military boat.

Other drones sent the state Iranian airline, added sources.

Iran and Russia have access to the Caspian Sea, which makes the physical transmission between them relatively simple.

Iran also sent technical specialists to Moscow to help put drones into operation. Sources said that there were three Iranian specialists for one UAV – only 54 – who helped integrate devices into the Russian army.

Disruptions were manufactured at the same military plant in the Central City of Isfahan, which was fired at the Israeli drone on January 28.

According to the British research organization Conflict Armament Research, there is evidence that Iran modifies its drones that Russia transmitting to the fighting unit can cause maximum damage to infrastructure objects in Ukraine.