How international experts estimated level of Organizing Department in Azerbaijan

Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized CRIME (GITOC) published a global index of organized crime, which provides data on 193 countries, UN member.

Azerbaijan in the index takes 83th place (5.08).

heads the rating of the country where the worst of everything, according to the study, is the situation with the Organization University: Congo, Colombia, Myanmar, Mexico, Nigeria, Iran, Afghanistan, Tsar and Honduras. It is closed by its such airless states like Samoa, Liechtenstein, Sao Tome and Principe, Nauru and Tuvalu.

Among the neighbors of Azerbaijan is worst with the organized crime, things are in Iran (6th place), Turkey (12th place) and Russia (32 place). Best in Georgia (177 place).

These indicators indicate a low level of organized crime and strong resistance to the authorities, which proves the ability of the state “openly, transparent and efficiently to fight crime.

“The Global Index of Organized Crime is the result of two-year efforts to assess crime levels and sustainability in all 193 UN member states. There is hope that, thanks to this data, the index will help develop a truly global response to the widespread threat of transnational organized crime,” says In explanation to the study.