How many Afghans ran away from Taliban to Iran?

The Norwegian Council on Refugees said that with the arrival of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan in August of this year, about 4000-5,000 people cross the Afghan border daily.

According to the organization, since the arrival of the “Taliban” to power in the country, about 300,000 refugees arrived from Afghanistan to Iran.

“It is impossible to expect that Iran will host so many Afghans with such meager support for the international community,” said the Secretary General of the Council Jan Eglelan.

According to him, it is necessary to increase the amount of assistance to Afghanistan and neighboring countries, such as Iran, due to the upcoming cold.

Note that various international organizations claim that with the victory of Taliban in Afghanistan, about 5 million people left the country.

The UN report states that today 22.8 million people in Afghanistan are faced with an acute problem of non-food.